Company Profile

Intertruck Dealing ApS

Intertruck Dealing ApS is a reputable trading company with extensive experience in trade with used trucks. We are an old company that was established over 30 years ago back in 1982. All employees have a great experience in the industry.

The company was founded by Steen Birch Jensen (known as Steen from Lemvig), which has more than 40 years experience in the industry. In 1999 initiated a gradual generational change since his son Thomas Birch Jensen after a few years of employment with the company took over a half share in the company. For several years now, the company was jointly chaired by Steen and Thomas Birch Jensen. 10 years later in 2009 took over Thomas full ownership of the company.

We have as the first firm dealing with used trucks, introduced a fixed successful control of the trucks we resell to our retail and wholesale customers. A system to get ourselves and especially our customers benefit, in the search for just the truck as the customer needs at the right price and quality. We, therefore, want to be the preferred partner who our customers can depend on. Satisfied customers always come back and we often see in everyday life.

The cars therefore undergo an internal control at our workshop, where we have our computer tests and a variety of other devices. All this as part of the search for finding the "real" truck at the right price and quality. For the benefit of our many loyal customers at home and abroad. The workshop is our assurance that we know what we sell on, so that our customers end out with the right choice in the end.
The purpose of this. Yes - Customers must have an experience of buying and selling of vehicles need not be uphill .... With us it is straightforward ...
In short - are you a used truck or you sell a used truck - then Intertruck Dealing ApS be a good acquaintance. We help you safely through the process. A good trade occurs namely when both buyer and seller are satisfied.
We deal basically with all major brands - Scania, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Reanult, Iveco, DAF - obviously some more than others.
Experience shows that it is always a good idea to contact us on the phone when we upload only about 50% of the subjects we get onto our website. So you will not find what you are looking for, it's a very good idea to call us - maybe we can still help you find what you seek.

Intertrucks markets

We sell both wholesale and retail home and abroad. A large part of the sales take place in Denmark and there are often newer used trucks for Danish customers. In Denmark, we sell both to other retailers and often directly to the end user.
Our primary business areas are today:

  • Denmark
  • Nordic countries
  • EU - including the Baltic countries
  • Eastern Europe

We also work in other markets such as the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Africa and South America, etc.
In order to strengthen our business markets, today we have close cooperation and in some cases remote warehouses abroad.